Watching a movie at the cinema after work, having a couple of drinks and then having pizza dinner sounds like a good plan for a weekend night. Still, if you're a woman, the experience could compromise your health in a meaningful way, and we don't talk of extra pounds, or your silhouette, or the size of your waist; We talk about your heart.

Why women should not eat at night?
Why women should not eat at night?

Women should not eat at night, and an investigation by the American Heart Association (AHA) explains why. After analyzing the eating habits of 112 women for a year, who reported what they ate and at what time of day they did it, the AHA found that the practice of eating at night affects the cardiovascular health of women.

According to the research, women who, after 6 pm, consume most of their usual calories, are more likely to have a higher body mass index, higher blood pressure, and lower blood sugar control. Long-term blood, compared to women who eat less at night.

The finding is a good measure that can help women improve and maintain their cardiovascular health in optimal conditions. It is a simple lifestyle change that can help prolong the duration and quality of life of women.

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